It’s the time of year parents of early-waking children dread. The clocks go back, turning already eye-wateringly early starts into brain dead middle of the night waking. I am once again in fear for my sanity. 

Too early to be getting up… and yet

Past posts on this blog attest to our various efforts to permanently move Tilly’s wake up time later. We’ve used and continue to use the Gro Clock and have added treats if she waits for the sun but all have been in vain. When Tilly wakes after 5am she wants to be up. Encouraging her to stay in bed leads to screaming, waking my wife too, so it’s best to bite the bullet and simply get up. 

I’ve found I’ve adapted to waking at around 5:30 every morning. Well I say adapted, in reality my body fights doing anything at that hour but I make my best zombie parenting efforts until caffeine and food eventually kick in. 

The impending winter clock change with its ruthless plan to transform Tilly’s waking from 5:30 to 4:30 fills my heart with doom. Once again it’s time to gradually move Tilly’s bedtime later in an attempt to compensate for this seasonal quirk. It’s not a straightforward deal, though, as a later bedtime doesn’t immediately reap results in the morning. Instead you find your precious evening time curtailed while still dealing with waking early. Great. 

The hope is that at 15 mins each night it will eventually give the morning wake up a bump later. Come the clock change it should, toddler willing, be nearer to what it is now, once those pesky clocks have fallen back.

It is nevertheless a fairly miserable time with little sleep, no time to ourselves and a potentially tired child to boot. So should you see me, or parents like me in the days ahead, rest assured that there’s been no zombie apocalypse or invasion by white walkers. We are simply flying on empty. Coffee is always welcome. 

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