When Tilly turned two I set myself the challenge of making it a year of memorable experiences for her. Six months on, I’m taking a look at how we’ve fared so far and what fun is still in store for the second half of the year.

  1. Visit a zoo
  2. Go swimming – done!
    It’s been an ongoing frustration that Tilly hasn’t been taken swimming but finally having a car to use during the day has allowed me to get all the bags of bits needed and hit the leisure centre. Tilly has always enjoyed splashing in the bath and swimming was a huge hit. I can see us being regular visitors.
  3. Travel on a steam train – done!
    We visited the Chinnor and Princes Risborough railway, our nearest preserved heritage line for an enjoyable 45 minute journey in vintage carriages, pulled by a charming tank engine that to Tilly’s delight looked “like Thomas”.
  4. Take a bus journey – done!
    Tilly is now something of a seasoned bus traveller, having made bus trips while visiting family and several outings to the next town to where we live. She seems to enjoy the ride, although she insists on sitting on my lap and finds it something of a soporific experience, often dozing off on the way home.
  5. Go paddling in the sea
  6. Make sandcastles on a beach – done!
    Thanks to our inspired local council, we’ve actually achieved this without making the trek to the seaside. Being nearly as far inland as you can get, the annual town carnival saw a beach created in the park, complete with deck chairs and donkey rides. Tilly loved playing in the sand, making sand castles and shapes.
  7. Visit London – done!
    A London-based PR event was a great excuse to finally take Tilly to the big city. Although a little shy on the morning train full of stern businessmen, she soon got into her stride with a ride on a London bus and a visit to the Royal Parks.
  8. Bake a cake – done!
    With grandma’s help, Tilly is becoming something of a master baker with several sets of buns and biscuits to her name. She loves mixing the ingredients and decorating the finished product.
  9. Visit an aquarium
  10. Visit a castle
  11. Planting a flower or tree – done!
    We’ve got several contenders in the running for a local sunflower competition. I’ll keep you updated on their progress!
  12. See a panorama from the top of a hill – done!
    The first of the lot to be completed, I took Tilly to one of the local hills offering fabulous views over the Vale of Aylesbury and into Oxfordshire.
  13. Go on a boat trip
  14. Have water games in the garden – done!
    We’ve had the paddling pool out with some toys in so far and if the forecast hot weather sticks around we’ll be having plenty more water fun in the garden.
  15. Play pooh sticks
  16. Go on fairground rides – done!
    The big favourite of the season, Tilly loves funfair rides whenever she finds them. As the summer progresses, her tally of rides and confidence to go on the faster and more daring offerings only increases.

Half way through the year, we’ve managed 10 of the 16 targets for the year. This is a strong start but the remaining will involve exciting trips to the coast and London, plus there’s still a castle we need find to visit. Plenty of fun still to come.

2015-06-27 12.13.28-1

Beach fun, far from the seaside

What are you looking to achieve with your little one this year? Share your plans and ideas.

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