Four months; that’s one-third of a year. A fair amount of time to get into the role of being a stay-at-home parent and more than long enough to send some running back to the office, if stories on online forums are any measure. The past four months haven’t been without their challenges but it’s an arrangement that’s definitely working better for us. Long days of providing entertainment and being on call each night to any cries out are in turn rewarded by sharing the experience of Tilly’s developments. Each month has seen many new discoveries and month four has been no exception.

Improper nouns

Tilly has seemingly become a sponge for language and now has a vocabulary that must number in hundreds of words. Everywhere she experiences language she’s taking it in and making use of it. This has led to knowledge of hilariously eclectic selection of words and phrases, including:

  • Ewok
  • Yak
  • Jig
  • iPad
  • Mush
  • Sword
  • Gladys
  • Eye patch
  • Stinky daddy!
  • I want my dinner!

Some of these – Ewok for instance – are as a result of the geeky nature of our household, most come from books, while others comes from toys and television.

Grammar school

While Tilly knows loads of nouns and adjectives, she has yet to have much concept of grammar so until she can construct sentences she’s doing the best job she can of cobbling words together to make herself understood. While playing a game recently she said “Daddy Tilly chase”, which conveys the crucial meaning. “This one” is perhaps the most useful of Tilly’s newly mastered phrases, along with describing items such as “daddy’s phone”. The lack of grammar isn’t a major loss at the moment as a toddler’s grasp of time and chronology is pretty vague at the best of times. Let’s face it: anything that isn’t now doesn’t hold much interest.


ABC, easy as 123

Being understood is pretty crucial for Tilly – it helps alleviate frustration at least – but she’s also showing interest in the alphabet and numbers. The alphabet is still at an early stage but she’s able to identify letters for several names. Her extensive vocab means she can rattle through most ABC books with their “a is for…” and say the object, hopefully with some learning of the letter going on in the background. We’ve encouraged counting and Tilly is taking to it well. Plurals are still a bit of a challenge but it’s quite endearing: “one… two daddy foots”.


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Photo by Patricia M, used under Creative Commons license.

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  • 4 December 2014 at 10:45 pm

    Well done making it this far! I’m really not sure I could do what you do but it sounds like you’re having a great time playing such an instrumental role in Tilly’s development.


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