Getting around with a pram or pushchair is an entirely more complicated affair than when on foot and today obstacles of every kind were out in force.

As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog, what is somewhat uneven ground when you’re on foot can become impassable terrain with a pram.

The normally straightforward trip to a toddler music session had unexpectedly become an assault course today. It felt like being in one of those preposterous car adverts where a variety of objects throw themselves in front of the vehicle, requiring evasive maneuvers by a dapper driver.

A large goods wagon blocking the only pavement on my intended route into town set the scene for the journey and was quickly joined by a jumbo-sized refuse bin completely blocking the pavement and a speeding motorist who would have surely hit us were we a few steps farther onto the road.

Having survived this initial onslaught the council dispatched the first of two waves of mowers to put my wits to the test. The first single mower was courteous and paused until we passed, however on the return journey the toddler’s fragile sleep was in jeopardy as a swarm of mowers began to circle with home in sight. We made it – just – but it was a close run thing.

We’ve recently invested a very modest sum in a used all terrain pram to hopefully make more use of the network of rural footpaths around here and increase options for walks. It was given an inaugural journey this afternoon and initial impressions have been positive. Having all three tyres inflated rather than hard makes it light to push and significantly easier over tough terrain than our other pram or pushchair.

All terrain prams are pricey, however. New they’re typically around the £300 mark, as was the one we’ve got when it was released a few years ago. However second hand we secured it for only a fraction of the price. Inflated tyres are susceptible to punctures of course. Some of the latest models boast puncture-proof tyres. We’ll see how we get on with ours – our other pram has had a few punctures in the time we’ve had it – but Halfords offer ‘slime’ which apparently protects against shallow punctures.

Of course even an all terrain pram can’t help against inconsiderate parking or unexpected obstacles, although it may make negotiating them a little easier. I’ll be sharing our experiences going off-road in the all terrain pram in future blog posts.

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