We had the grandparents down over half term, which was a great opportunity for them to spend some quality time with Tilly while mummy and daddy tried to get on with some long neglected jobs. 

For Tilly it’s been a week full of activities with trips to the local activity farm, parks, a family meal out, some play dates and countless visits to cafes, which are her current favourite pastime. 

Mummy and daddy started half term well but no sooner had we handed over the reins to the grandparents than – blam – we were blindsided by seasonal viruses laying us low. 

Although we’re normally healthy it didn’t come as a great surprise. Recent weeks and months have been hard; there’s been a lot of early starts often combined with broken sleep and long days. 

Poor sleeping is neither a welcome companion for a busy teacher or the non-stop demands of a toddler so when we took the chance to have a break and relax we crumpled and promptly knocked out for the count. 

Half term also coincided with the clocks going back and the presence of my parents we enormously welcome in covering the days following the return to GMT, which saw a few 4am starts. Over the course of the week we fought the time back using the Gro Clock and surprise egg incentives until we got past 6am, although Tilly is showing every sign of defaulting to her 5:25am wake up now that everything is back to normal. 

The second weekend saw Halloween, which Tilly is a convert to ever since she discovered some Halloween-themed nursery rhyme animations on YouTube. The pub we visited for our family meal also happened to be hosting a pumpkin carving competition. We bought a pumpkin for a pound, my dad carved it and took Tilly to the judging on Friday. Remarkably Tilly’s pumpkin came second, although I suspect being cute at the judging played no small part. 

Come Halloween itself Tilly was keen to see the ghosts and witches at our door, although she preferred to keep her distance. I fancy we might go trick or treating next year, perhaps with what will hopefully be some new pre-school friends by then. 

Now, the new term is underway we’re easing back into the usual routine. The autumn term was a long haul; I suspect the run into Christmas was pass by rather more quickly. 

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One thought on “October half term: fun and fatigue

  • 13 November 2015 at 6:31 am

    Ha ha, this par tof term will go in a flash. Shame you had viruses but hope you’ve recovered now. #brilliantblogposts


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