Glorious summer days, coats packed away for the season and endless play outside. All true but difficult to enjoy when accompanied by dreadful sleep. It happens every summer and this year is no different. 

The sun rises at an hour when no sane person should be up and remains high in the sky long past when little ones should be slumbering. It all contributes to hard won sleeping patterns going out the window.

We’ve found ourselves now waging a war with sleep on three fronts; something even the finest military strategists of history would have struggled with. 

First there’s the going to bed. This has always been a reliable part of the bedtime routine. That was, until the past couple of weeks when it’s deteriorated into nightly screaming and controlled crying to eventually achieve sleep. By the time we’re done our evening time is eroded and we’re worn out. 

Overnight we’ve also traditionally done okay, again until around a month or so ago when Tilly began waking at varying times. We hit a low earlier this week when Tilly was calling out around 6 to 8 times in the first half of the night. 

Morning then follows and all too soon. In theory a troubled night would lead to a lie in but Tilly has always been an early riser and as midsummer approaches this becomes earlier still. No end of blackout blinds and white noise to drown out the dawn chorus seem to help. 

This hat trick of poor sleeping is proving the biggest challenge since Tilly was a baby and it has rather knocked us for six. 

The rubbish sleeping could of course be entirely coincidental to the season. At the age of two and a bit, Tilly is clearly testing boundaries all of the time and sleep may have simply joined the list. Instead of waging the war perhaps it is we who are under attack and our resolve must not falter, else we easily risk creating some unworkable bedtime routines. 

I’m assured by others that it’s mostly likely a phase and I for one am hoping it will pass quickly. There’s no better season for little ones with good weather and masses of events to visit and it would be nice to be alert enough to enjoy it!

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