Tilly and I review Batman vs Bane and Superman vs Lex scenery sets and see whether they can both inspire and survive playtime. 

schleich_playing_batmanSuperheroes are massively popular at the moment and even though the films are targeted at adults, the characters inevitably feature in any nursery or school dressing up day. This hasn’t escaped the attention of three-year-old Tilly, who whether through friends or cartoons now regularly emulates superhero powers in her play. When the opportunity came about to try out some superhero figures, I knew Tilly would be interested.

Schleich is a name that to me is more associated with the high quality models of farm animals but as we discovered their range extends a good deal further than that. The scenery packs we were sent include a superhero and their respective nemesis. The figures are hand painted and really nicely detailed, each striking their own inimitable pose.


Batman and Bane figures


Superman and Lex Luther figures

While these fixed position figures are more likely designed for display than play, they’ll often as not find themselves in the hands of children who’ll battle the good guys against the bad guys. Happily the paint appears to be ever bit as hard wearing as it is detailed and has withstood several days of rather rough play by three-year-old Tilly, while still appearing as good as new.


Specifics: each scenery pack retails for £14.99.

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