I was rather ignorant about the NHS’s advice on vitamins for children until I took Tilly to her 2-year development assessment. It turns out that daily vitamin D supplements are recommended and the multivitamin liquids are a good way of providing this. There are plenty of products on the market but looking at the packets doesn’t give much idea about what’s going to work for your child. Having now tried a couple of products we’ve had one miss and one resounding hit.

Initially I hope that something might be available that could be added to her water, however at the local Boots store all needed administering separately so I picked up a packet of Abidec somewhat at random. This used a syringe tube, which we’d used with Calpol in the past without issue and came in an orange flavour, so it had the potential to be a success.

There was, however, a problem. After a few days of trying it out, the Abidec was declared ‘yucky’. Although she’d take it most days, every day I was reminded of its yuckiness and I could see her enthusiasm for it failing. It did give off a rather powerful artificial orange aroma, so I couldn’t really complain.

In desperate need of an alternative I asked the folk at Haliborange to try out their baby and toddler multivitamins. Compared to the Abidec it comes in a much larger container, despite being not dissimilar in price. Yet would it pass the all important toddler test?

Rather than a syringe, the Haliborange is simply administered with a teaspoon. This is great when it’s accepted but messy if rejected. The aroma had more a citrus zing to it. Okay then, let’s give it a go.

Tilly seemed to like taking the vitamins from a spoon. As the days passed it became clear that is was going down well with regular comments of “yummy” and “more?” being made. Tilly didn’t always seem sure whether it was orange or apple flavoured but who cares – she loved it!

So it looks like we have a firm favourite. The Hariborange multivitamin liquid covers vitamins A-E. Although the arrival of the sun may mean that we’re not quite as desperate for vitamin D as we have been, we’ll certainly be following NHS advice and keeping it as a part of our daily routine.

Update: a few weeks on, Tilly now excitedly shouts ‘spoon!’ when I mention it’s vitamin time and makes a beeline for the kitchen. Given that getting a toddler to do anything that’s good from them can be fraught with tantrums, this is a huge relief and a big change from a month ago. Certainly for Tilly’s tastebuds, Haliborange have got the flavour right.

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