Children accumulate toys. Lots of them. New toys arrive at countless occasions throughout the year and often as not each will contain dozens of pieces. Before you realise it you’re being consumed by a sea of toys.

We’re no exception to this and having made the best of our existing storage and some makeshift solutions I decided it was time to get some dedicated toy storage to help our cause.

Fortunately there’s a wealth of options when it comes to children’s furniture, although this tends to be weighted to the budget and smart ends of the spectrum respectively with not much to offer those who want decent quality at a reasonable price.

The Gruffalo 6-bin storage unit looked to fit the bill. It looked to be decent quality, could be used by our toddler with good capacity and featuring popular characters.

The Gruffalo storage unit

The Gruffalo storage unit includes six storage bins featuring Gruffalo characters

Containing six generous storage bins, we were able to quickly turn bring order to our living room and replace a number of makeshift containers. Order was restored.

Each bin can be lifted over the bar for easy removal. This means that Tilly can get access to each of her toys as needed. It also means that she can take the bins out and empty them on the floor, but that goes with the territory.


Putting the unit together is straightforward enough, screwing the rods into the sides. The rods are made out of plastic, which can make putting the screws in quite hard work. In a few cases the rod outer case rotated when the inner rod was being screwed, necessitating a very firm grip. However overall the unit can be put together by one person in around half an hour.

Angled view of the Gruffalo storage unit

The storage unit is adorned with Gruffalo scenes


At around £50, the Gruffalo storage unit isn’t cheap, but it offers a nice quality option at a price that is a good deal less expensive than some. The glossy finish looks the part and makes for an attractive addition to a room. The storage capacity is sufficient to make a hole in many play areas and has been effective in tidying up our compact living room area and keeping it tidy, through having clear boxes to place toys back in. In time, we hope that bins will help Tilly lean about putting toys back into specific places. All in all, a nice buy.

About this review: This review is my own, honest opinion. The unit was bought with our own money.


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  • 17 September 2014 at 11:02 pm

    This looks lovely, we’re big gruffalo fans here!


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