A new addition to Old Amersham’s line up of eateries, Cote Brasserie has taken over the former Chimichanga site, so it’s farewell Tex-Mex and hello modern european dining. We decided to pay a weekend morning visit to see how the newcomer compares with the other brunch options in Amersham and to check out its family friendly credentials.

cotebrasserie_exteriorCote Brasserie has a sophisticated style that suits Old Amersham very well. As we arrived, well-dressed people were sipping coffee and browsing the Sunday papers at the window tables; no one was quite brave enough to go al fresco on a chillier than normal July morning. No other children were present, so we were keen to see how we’d get on with toddler Tilly.

There’s not a children’s menu at breakfast time but we picked the french toast for Tilly, which came with fruit salad, while we both opted for Eggs Royale, which is our weekend brunch staple. At over £5, the french toast isn’t a cheap children’s option but we thought it would well suit Tilly’s current fussiness with food. Pastries, yoghurt and a stand-alone fruit salad could have served as cheaper alternatives from the menu.

Service was attentive if a touch nervous, not helped with Tilly hiding away every time the young waiter approached and to be fair they’ve only been open for three weeks. Although we didn’t use a high chair, one wasn’t offered, which would have been welcome.

Coffee and complimentary water came quickly enough and even Tilly didn’t get impatient waiting for the food to arrive. The eggs royale weren’t the most generous we’ve encountered; featuring just half a muffin compared to a full muffin at other establishments. Both ShireWife and I commented that the application hollandaise sauce was a touch on the heavy side but otherwise it was a fine if unremarkable eggs royale.

Tilly’s fruit salad and french toast were met with a warm reception, which was welcome given how picky she’s chosen to be with food of late. She merrily munched her way though kiwi, mango, melon and grapes before moving on to the french toast itself when it had cooled. No complaints about quantity here. Note the french toast does come with maple syrup, however we hid this away to keep it a low sugar meal.


The eggs royale: fine if not terribly generous


French toast with fruit salad: well received by toddler Tilly

The verdict

Cote Brasserie is another chain on the Broadway but one that undoubtedly well suits Old Amersham. The food is typical of the genre but with plenty of options that we’d try out on future visits and although a children’s menu is absent for breakfast, there’s a decent variety that might appeal. I’ve seen mention online of a children’s menu for later in the day but it’s not available on the Cote website. High chairs are available; we didn’t check the availability of baby change facilities on this trip.

I expect Cote will present some competition to the Grocer at 15 a couple of doors down, which offers some similar breakfast and brunch options, although the Grocer’s chorizo breakfast and coffee is unsurpassed. For family dining, the likes of Ask and Prezzo opposite will probably make for a more relaxed experience, however we didn’t feel uneasy during our visit. Cote is one of those venues where children are catered for but it’s primarily an adult dining experience.

I imagine we’d visit Cote again, probably for another Sunday brunch as a family (when the Grocer at 15 is closed and parking is free) or if we’re without Tilly for a mid-priced lunch or dinner out.


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