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Play cafes tend to feature a climbing frame but our latest discovery in Beaconsfield offers more traditional play along with impressive food and drink. 

Brindles Cafe is located in central Beaconsfield New Town, conveniently sited next to two car parks and with straightforward access despite being within a nursery building.

The cafe interior is divided into a counter area, seating area and play area with a garden area available in season. A child gate keep little ones within the seating and play area to put minds at rest. The play area features a ball pit, play kitchen, slide and baby area. This was really well received by Tilly who got stuck in and found it a fun environment to interact with other children and parents. The variety of play options seemed to hold her interest longer than at places that solely have a climbing frame.

The menu was one of the best considered and priced that I’ve come across for picky little eaters. The children’s lunch box offers a sandwich with cucumber and carrot sticks as standard, plus a choice of two additional elements that range from fruit to yoghurt to chocolate. This allowed me to work around Tilly’s current fussy eating preferences and get something where she ate everything offered; a massive win. The one let down is that the fruit juices in the lunch box deal are Capri Sun, which at 20g of sugar per drink puts it on my forbidden list. It’s a shame as much lower sugar alternatives are available and would be a better choice for little ones. I tried out the bacon and egg on toast from the all-day breakfast menu, which I thought wasn’t at all bad for the price.

The cafe fits a lot into a modest space and the range of play areas provided means that a compromise is made on the seating, which is limited to a few tables. These can fill up at busy times but parents squeeze in as it’s worth making the effort.

Overall, Brindles Cafe makes for a good option for taking babies or toddlers to on a play lunch in South Bucks. It’ll certainly be added to our list of venues.

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