Cartoon image of TillyOnce upon a time there was a very small girl called Tilly who lived in a house with her mummy and daddy. It was an ordinary-looking house on an ordinary-looking street but Tilly would often go on very special adventures. Let’s find out what Tilly is doing today…

The Tale of Tilly and the Magic Wand

One day, Tilly was given a big bag of old dressing up things to play with. Most of the clothes were much too big for Tilly, who, after all, was only a very small girl. Tilly had tried on nearly everything in the bag when she found a magic wand at the very bottom. Most of the things in the dressing up bag were brightly coloured and plastic but the wand was different. When Tilly waved the wand it sparkled and smelt a bit like strawberries. Maybe it really was magic.

Tilly knew about magic wands. They were used by witches, wizards and fairies to cast magic spells. The problem with magic is that you need to know spells first. Tilly didn’t know any magic spells, so she decided to make up one of her own. She waved the magic wand at daddy and said  “Magic! Daddy to a hamster!”. Before her very eyes, her Daddy turned into a giant hamster. This was brilliant. Before Tilly’s Mummy knew what we going on, Tilly said “Magic! Mummy to a hamster” and her Mummy turned into a giant hamster too. Now there were two hamsters snuffling around the house. This was very funny indeed.

Tilly watched Mummy hamster and Daddy hamster for a while but she wasn’t really sure what hamsters did. She did know that she was hungry, so she asked for some lunch but Mummy and Daddy hamster just kept on snuffling. Hamsters don’t understand words. Tilly decided she had better find some food herself and went into the kitchen.

Tilly knew there was food in the fridge but the fridge was very tall and she couldn’t reach the handle. Then Tilly remembered that she had some food in her play shop. She picked up some of her play food but it was hard and wooden and not tasty at all. You can’t eat play food.

tilly_cartoon_wandNow Tilly was really hungry and she still couldn’t find any food. Maybe having hamsters for a Mummy and Daddy wasn’t such a great idea after all. Tilly wanted her parents back to normal but she didn’t know what spell to use.

Once again, Tilly decided to make up a magic spell. She waved her wand at Mummy and said the words “Magic! Back to mummy!” and in an instant her Mummy was transformed back to normal. Quickly Tilly also said “Magic! Back to Daddy” while waving her wand towards Daddy hamster and her Daddy was back again. Tilly’s Mummy and Daddy looked a bit confused but they couldn’t remember what had happened.

“More food, please!” asked Tilly, with a cheeky smile on her face. Before she knew it, Mummy and Daddy had made her favourite lunch of sandwiches and fruit. Tilly decided that was quite enough magic for one day and put the magic wand back in the bottom of the dressing up bag. Perhaps she would play with the magic wand another time but she would have to learn some more magic spells first!

About Toddler Tales

Every day small children embark on small adventures filled with wonder and imagination. Toddler Tales shares some of Tilly’s own adventures, told as short stories from a toddler’s point of view with my own illustrations. I hope Tilly’s Tales are enjoyed by adults and children alike. Dan – ShireDad


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