Our half-term kicked off with a visit to a reenactment event at the Chiltern Open Air Museum. Throughout the season the museums hosts a range of events and reenactments and the Romans are always a favourite with us, although this was the first time we’d seen the gladiators, performed by Britannia.

Considering the contents of gladiatorial fighting, it was well-managed for a family audience with team support encourage and although some theatrical blood was used, I didn’t see any children upset by the scenes.

It was our second visit to the museum this season and Tilly had a great time joining older children in activities such as grinding grain in a quern-stone and playing with traditional toys. The Chiltern Open Air Museum has such a good line up of events over the summer we decided to get a family season pass, as we’d undoubtedly get good value from it.

Here are some of the dramatic highlights from the gladiatorial arena:


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